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Friday, January 28, 2011

A Rant on Texting

I think today's young people are getting dumber. Seriously, people today have no English skills. They can't spell, their grammar is in the toilette, and acronyms run rampant. Why is everyone in such a hurry? OMG? Really? Is it that much faster to say the letters?
I blame texting for most of our problems. It started out as a useful tool for getting quick pieces of information to someone when you didn't have the time to call. That's all it's for. It's for simple messages, quick blurbs of essential information. "Honey, I'm in a meeting. I'll be home late." Done. Instead, everyone has extensive conversations with it. Why? Why can't you just phone the person and get it over with in a quarter of the time? How much time are all your acronyms saving you that you couldn't just dial the number and talk to the person? Don't even get me started on "sexts". Really? You want to impersonalize and short cut foreplay too? Cause that seems like a step in the opposite direction.
Now we have a generation of young people that can't spell or form a proper sentence to save their lives. In one of my other blogs, it becomes especially apparent in the commentary. I'm sorry, but if you can't form a sentence I don't authorize it, which means a lot of comments never see the light of day. It's their fault though, if I can't understand what point you're trying to make, how is anyone else? I just assume it's spam and throw it out.
The other thing that bothers me about texting is the exaggeration. LOL. Really? That comment actually made you laugh out loud? It wasn't that funny.  Maybe it made you smile, but laugh out loud? I don't believe you.
Twitter is another of my sworn enemies. I'm sick of people belting out tiny insignificant thoughts all day long. If it isn't something you can write a paragraph about, it probably isn't a great out loud thought. I like cookies, but I'm not going to tweet it. I'm going to think it and then move on, or possibly go get some cookies, but that's none of your business. All I'm saying is, there's a thousand better ways to communicate. Remember letters? When was the last time you received a handwritten letter in the mail? You want to make your BFF smile? (PS I HATE the term BFF) Write her a letter. Believe me, it's a thrill to receive something other than bills and flyers in the mail box. Plus, it shows that you were willing to take the time and put in the effort to make her smile... with complete sentences. Just a thought.

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