"There's no point in spending your life in the pursuit of something that's easy." - Alice Kuipers

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

World's Luckiest Husband

In a lot of ways, my husband has it very, very good. Of course, in a lot of other ways he has it terrible, but let's focus on the positive. Every evening I make his lunch for the next day, and by make his lunch, I mean I rock his lunch. You know what today's selection was? A steak sandwich with Gorgonzola spread and baby arugula. Tomorrow? Curried egg salad with mango chutney. Yeah, that's right.

I selflessly manage to squeeze Maddie and I onto only half the bed, leaving the entire other half for him to stretch out on. (You should note that Maddie is one hundred pounds of sprawling Great Dane, so it really is a sacrifice. Never mind that I'm the one who lets the dog up on the bed in the first place.)

But I think most importantly, what sets me apart from other wives, is my love of watching him play video games. No, there isn't a typo in that sentence. I really do love it. My secret inner geek comes out every time he buys a new game. Instead of demanding that he turn that damn game off and pay attention to me, I demand that he turn it on and play while I fold laundry. I'm not sure why I love it so much. Maybe because it's a little like watching an interactive TV show? Not sure. All I know is that it started when I was young, when I would spend the night at my auntie's house. My cousin and I would wait for everyone to fall asleep and then he would break into the junk food cabinet and I would sneak into his room and we'd stay up all night, eating junk food while he played Legend of Zelda on Nintendo64. I never wanted to play, I always wanted to watch (possibly because holding a controller would prevent the shoveling of chips into my mouth).

In any case, I should come clean and admit that I don't enjoy watching all games. I only like games with a good story line, so driving games and online shooter games like Call of Duty do nothing for me. I'm still pretty patient with him monopolizing the TV to play them, but it's nothing like the excitement I have for a really good game, like Uncharted. Now that, he knows to never play without me. (I don't want to miss important plot points!)


  1. You're a saint. :)

    1. Ha! Hardly! Notice that I only talked about my awesome qualities. ;)