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Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Book Review - Paris in Love

In keeping with the Parisian theme I have going, I introduce to you this week's book recommendation.

PARIS IN LOVE by Eloisa James


Yes, I bring to you yet another memoir about Paris. Are you sick of them yet? I apologize if you are, but I've been reading a lot of them and this is a very, very good one. It's the story of a woman and her husband who decide to take a sabbatical for a year and run off with their two children to live in Paris. It's different from a lot of the other ones I've read, thanks to its ingenious style. It's told in perfect, bite sized pieces, based on her tweets and facebook posts throughout the year. I know it sounds a little odd but she gets the flow just right and it really, really works. Just pick it up and you'll see.

My favourite part of the book was obviously the style and structure of her narrative, but she and her family also make for such a lovable cast of characters. Her daughter, Anna, is adorable, precocious and delightfully weird. She tells her story with the perfect blend of good humor, not to mention the style of the book allows her to zero in on these small moments, capturing her experience in a much more intimate and honest way.

Even if you're not planning a trip to Paris, you'll want to pick up this book. It's so funny and charming, just the thing to curl up with on an afternoon off. And who knows? You might start looking at plane tickets when you're done...

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