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Friday, February 21, 2014

Five Sentence Fiction Friday - Sunshine

Welcome to Friday and this week's edition of Five Sentence Fiction. This week's prompt is sunshine. (As soon as I saw that I thought of Robin McKinley's book, SUNSHINE. I love that book). If you'd like to learn more about Five Sentence Fiction, or give it a try yourself, just visit Lillie McFerrin Writes. Enjoy!

Sunshine; they call me that ironically because of my dark moods and foul temper, but they don't realize how true the name is. The sun is a billion miles a way and made of molten fire, which sounds a lot like me. A girl has to keep her distance in a world like this, and if you're not made of fire then what the hell are you made of? And I know something else the sun and I have in common. One of these days, no one knows when, we're both going to implode.

A weird little monologue for this week's tale. Hopefully you enjoyed it, because I won't lie, it was fun to write. I also hope you'll have a great weekend, and maybe even follow this blog and come find me on twitter @MelanieKCole. If you're still in the mood for more Five Sentence Fiction (and who wouldn't be?) just follow the links below.

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