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Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Book Review - My Life in Black and White

This week I've brought in a little help by way of the darling Crochet by Megs, who has a blog all about her crochet, cooking and books, among many other wonderful things. Definitely stop over and give it a look when you have the chance. You can find it here. And now, I shall hand things over to her expertise. Enjoy!

I was surprised and delighted when Melanie asked me to guest post on her wonderful blog. The book recommendations on Monday are actually one of my favorite parts to her blog, so I was honored to be able to contribute.

This Monday’s recommendation is:


It's the story of a screen writer turned tabloid reporter and her struggles with a disappointing marriage, career and life.

This was an incredible book with one of the most painful, realistic break-up scenes I’ve ever read. Seriously, everything you’ve ever dreaded a lover saying, gets said. 

The main character, Clara Bishop, is shocked and hurt when her husband leaves her for a waitress with little warning. She was deeply in love with him and had deluded herself into believing they had a happy marriage.
With her husband gone Clara finds herself longing to be one of the strong women she loves in film, but always finds herself coming up short, she turns to her mother for solace and finds unusual comfort in her grandmother’s old clothes.

After the devastating loss of her husband, Clara doesn’t know what to do with herself except follow him and his new lady to London in the hopes of winning him back. 

Armed with her grandmother’s beautiful clothing Clara strives to become that what she’d always admired - the femme fatale - and win her husband back. 

This book was a fun journey through a modern day film noir and a beautiful look back into the past and what it would have been like to live in a classic black and white film. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

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