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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Monday Book Review ... On Wednesday

You'll have to excuse my being tardy with this week's book recommendation. I was away visiting my sister and playing with my sweet nephew and never had a chance to sit down in front of a computer. But I promise you, it was worth the wait.

N0S4A2 by Joe Hill

Yes, this is the second book I've recommended by Joe Hill. What can I say? The dude can write. And this is a story that will have you pondering the dimensions of the universe while being thoroughly creeped out. Not to mention it's especially festive for the holiday season. Nothing like a trip to Christmasland to cure what ails you!

It's the tale of Vic, a woman who has always been able to find things. Lost things. One day, as she tries to escape troubles at home she goes looking for trouble. And finds it. Trouble is a man named Charlie Manx, a man who enjoys kidnapping children and taking them to live forever in his magical Christmasland. But something awful happens to the children that end up in Christmasland. Something inhuman. 

This is not just a novel that tests the boundaries of reality. It's a gripping tale about a man with a mission and the only person on Earth who can find him and stop him. It's fresh and exciting, unexpected and as I mentioned before, gloriously creepy. The kind that will have you blocking off your chimney come Christmas Eve. Definitely give this one a read.

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  1. Great recommendation. I read a Joe Hill book recently and loved it. Heart-Shaped Box I think. I bought this on my Kindle but have yet to read it.