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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I'm Back

You might have noticed (at least I'm hoping you did) that I didn't post anything for Five Sentence Fiction Friday and nothing for Monday's Book Recommendation. I wasn't so much away from my computer, as my computer was away from me. I bought a new laptop two weeks ago and I had to return it to my tech savy cousin for a few days while he fixed a small bug. All is well though, and I love my new little machine.

Of course, a great debt of gratitude is owed to the old one. It got me through many years, truly a reliable, grizzled old war horse that took a beating and kept on going. Of course, near the end it was literally starting to fall apart, so the time had indeed come to let it retire.

This is the first computer I've ever owned that wasn't a hand-me-down. It comes with a certain sense of pride, and a little intimidation to live up to the challenge. It's just so new. I'm not used to up to date technology, keys that don't stick, weird new interfaces. It's a touchscreen as well and I find myself cleaning the screen constantly, horrified by the greasy fingerprints I keep leaving all over it. I never realized my fingers were so filthy.

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is that I'm back and there will be no more lapses in blog posts. Which is hopefully something we can all be happy about.

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  1. Kudos to you for buying a new laptop! I do understand where your sentimentality is coming from. I had an old laptop once. It was one of the bigger and luggier ones, which, just like yours, carried me through a lot of writing, including a few research papers and undergrad theses. I had to let it go because it's cooling fan is not working and other stuff in its circuitry, making it overheat in just a few minutes upon opening. That's practically removing the lap function in a laptop. Hahaha@ Anyway, I hope you've adjusted well with your new one! Cheers!

    Gene Sullivan @ ETech STL