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Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Book Review - Dad is Fat

Welcome to Monday and this week's book recommendation.

DAD IS FAT by Jim Gaffigan


What's not to love about a humorous memoir by Jim Gaffigan? I already love his stand up so I knew I wasn't taking a big risk reading his book. And you know what? It was awesome, as predicted. Even for a severely anti-baby person such as myself, I still found myself laughing at Gaffifan's exploits as a father of five. And the obvious love and respect he has for his wife was an added bonus. 

True, there are some parts of the book obviously borrowed from his standup, so I was already familiar with a few chapters, but it wasn't too much so I didn't feel cheated. Some of the stories he shared were just too hilarious, giving me away when I was trying to sneak read it at work. He just has a way with words, a way of describing situations and opinions that always has me in stitches. It was clever and candid and never afraid to poke fun at himself. I love that.

If you want to cheer someone up, brighten their day and make them laugh out loud, bring them this book. When I read it, I was down with a cold and even though laughing hurt my throat, I couldn't put it down for a second.

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