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Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Book Review - Joyland

Welcome to Monday and this week's book recommendation.

JOYLAND by Stephen King


You know whenever you want a good read, it's never a bad bet to pick something by Stephen King. This is one of his newer books, only released in paperback (no hard cover) with this retro style cover. It gives the feel of an old school, hard crime and it delivers, but with typical Stephen King flair. It reads a little like a memoir, a man looking back on that one crazy summer that changed his life.

What can I say that hasn't already been said? It's Stephen King for god's sake! But really, this is a fantastic book. I love that King decided to do a project like this, it's fun and eery, suspenseful but also doesn't take its self too seriously. I gobbled it up like cookies on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Irresistible. 

If you enjoy Stephen King, then I think you'll love this. If you don't enjoy Stephen King, then I think you'll love this. It stands on its own as a fun, easy read, the perfect thing to curl up and read and forget your troubles.

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