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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all! I've never celebrated it myself, but I enjoy the frivolity of sending thoughtful notes, giving out candy and flowers, and telling those you love how much you care. My day was not one of frivolity, instead I went into work early so I could leave for a funeral. It was sad, but sweet. It's nice to hear someone's life celebrated, see how they touched the lives of others, in ways they probably never even knew about. In a way, it was the perfect Valentine's. I was part of a community of people gathering around loved ones in a time of need. Valentine's Day is a day to show that you care, and that's what I did for a good friend of mine.

But that doesn't mean that the rest of you should be down. I hope you all took the time to spread a little love today. Whether it was at the office with some cute valentines and candy, or if it was with a special someone, or if it was with yourself; taking the time to show how much you love and appreciate yourself with a good bottle of wine, maybe some shopping, or a relaxing massage. It's all good. No matter how you decided to spend today, I hope it made you smile. And to keep the smiles coming, I've taken the liberty of writing you all a fun little Valentine's limerick. Enjoy! (You've been warned: The following is corny and silly).

There once was a valentine that had too much candy
At first she was good, but then not too dandy.
She ate and she ate
and gained too much weight
And now her lover's not feeling too randy.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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