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Monday, February 20, 2012

You Golf, I Sit

Today turned out to be a really great day. Today was Family Day (at least in Canada anyway), so we did just that. My husband and I joined the rest of my family at a golf simulator and played a virtual round of golf. It was a blast. The weather was great, there were no mosquitos, and there were no long walks from hole to hole. In fact, between shots we lounged and chatted in big comfy club chairs. Yep, if I have to play golf, that's the way I like to play.

I think what I enjoyed most was how different it was. We got out of the house, did something fairly active and it was an entirely new experience for me. Not only have I never played virtual golf, I've never played real golf. What a refreshing way to spend the day. If I'd stayed home, my day would have been a marathon of TV watching that left me with a headache and a feeling of regret. Instead, I went out, spent time with the family, and tried something new.

And I learned one thing: I suck at golf. Seriously, it was pathetic. I will admit to having a few semi-decent shots here and there, but overall I was terrible. Which was fine. I've never been especially athletic and I'm okay with that. I'm not a competitive person (usually), so I don't mind being the hopeless one in the group. Unfortunately, my family - being the group of thoughtful, sweethearts that they are - were worried I was feeling rather defeated. So they decided to cheer me on and try to make me feel better every time I made a bad shot. Which was a lot. Now, don't get me wrong. I appreciate that they care whether or not I'm having a good time. But the more they attempted to cheer me up, the more pathetic I felt. Because they must have thought I was doing pretty terrible to try so hard to cheer me up.

My husband was the worst. Not only did he try the hardest to cheer me up, at one point he started rubbing my shoulders and trying to get me to 'relax'. Eventually I had to shoo him away, telling him to shut up before we had a care bear moment. I was worried that at any moment he'd drop down on one knee and start explaining that everyone is good at something and we're all special in our own way.

In conclusion, I had a great time. Despite how bad I am at golfing, I enjoyed giving it a try. But next time, I think I'll spend more time lounging in a nice comfy club chair and less time swinging repeatedly at a golf ball without ever actually hitting it. Although on the plus side, I did relieve a lot of stress.

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