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Friday, June 8, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction Friday - Lost

Wow, I'm so glad it's Friday. Work has been crazy busy lately, and Camp NaNoWriMo has got me beat! (still having fun though!) I've got to say, there's nothing like writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days to really make you appreciate Five Sentence Fiction. If you'd like to find out more, or participate (which you should, cause it's a blast!), just check out Lillie McFerrin's website. This week's prompt is Lost, and as a special bonus, I've written not one but two Five Sentence Fiction stories for the occasion. So enjoy!

"It finds things, lost things," he told her, smiling at the way she stared.
It wasn't much to look at, just a beat up old ring with a turqoise stone, but she couldn't help picking it up and slipping it on her finger.
"You see? It's already found you."
She couldn't tell if he was joking or serious, so she just smiled as she fished out the cash from her wallet and handed it over.
It was a stupid purchase, she knew that, but she needed answers and she'd take all the help she could get in finding them.

And here's number two!

Not many people do it on purpose; get lost I mean. The connotations of it are too negative. But they don't know the liberation of it, of having no reason to choose a direction except your gut instinct. If they knew the doors it opened, the places I've seen when I had no idea where I was or which way I was going, they'd put on a blindfold and march into the wilderness right now.
Because it's only when you give up all sense of direction, all sense of control, that the true fun can begin.

Now get lost! (Just kidding!) But seriously, I hope you all have a terrific weekend, and if your taste for Five Sentence Fiction is not yet sated, just follow the links below. As always, I welcome your comments and feedback below in the comments section. Please feel free to follow this blog and come find me on twitter @MelanieKCole. Happy weekend!

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  1. Two great pieces of flash fiction!
    The first one is very intriguing... I'd love to know more...
    The second piece contains a nugget of wisdom... a reminder that sometimes we have to "go with the flow", wherever it leads, in order to experience life to its fullest!
    I'm visiting from FSF.

    1. Thanks for visiting! I love meeting fellow FSF enthusiasts! I'll have to check out yours as well!

  2. I like getting lost when I have time to get un-lost! I simply must have that ring!

    1. If only, right? Oh, all the lost socks I would find...

  3. I loved both of them!!! I hope you continue the ring story!! I would love to be able to find lost things!

  4. I love both of these! I want and need that ring! And my hubby say's I have no sense of direciton so I'm halfway to getting lost and having fun. Must be why I enjoy life so much. These are so lovely. xxxx

  5. Britton, I enjoyed both, but the second one kind of fed into one of my lifelong fantasies to just get in the car an go, without any destination in mind. Maybe someday.

  6. Thanks everyone! It's funny how we all want to find lost things, and at the same time enjoy getting lost ourselves. Interesting... :)

  7. Really enjoyed both of these! Would like to know what answers she's searching? lol

  8. Enjoyed both stories. I remember a ring from childhood which we wore to find lost things. Not sure it ever worked. Your 2nd story has shades of "MoonRiver."

  9. Thanks Lisa! Lora, I assume you mean the song. In which case, thanks!!

  10. Both lovely in their own way! I like the unknown in the first one; maybe the ring really can find things! And, the second makes me want to pack a bag, hop in my car, and go wherever the road take me. Nice job :)