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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tornado Warning

Life has been rather hectic for the past five days or so. On Thursday afternoon, the internet went out at work, and they were unable to get it up and going until four thirty today. That made life especially stressful and difficult for my coworkers and myself, as about half our work requires an internet connection.

On Friday morning I woke up with a truly hideous cold (that I'm still fighting) that required me to go home early and forced me to publish my Five Sentence Fiction a day late. It also set me a day behind in Camp NaNoWriMo. The weekend was spent trying to catch up on all my writing, my housework and my responsibilities to my two bunnies and my darling dog, Maddie.

I've been unable to tweet much or make use of social media, so I'm still rather behind on that, but I was at least able to catch up on all my work at the office (even though it required staying two extra hours today). To top it off? Severe thunderstorms and a tornado warning tonight. At least life isn't boring.

In conclusion, I'm exhausted. I've been trying to get back on top of my workload for almost a week now, and it was good to finally make some headway on at least the office front. I've appreciated your patience, and I assure you, I will be far more entertaining from here on out. (Just as soon as I can kick this damn cold!)

*One last fun tip for you, if you're ever plagued with terrible sinus congestion and sinus pain, Extra Spicy Clamato Juice is your best friend. Seriously. Warm it up in the microwave and drink it hot. You'll thank God. It's amazing.

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  1. Hot Clamato.... Sounds strange but the best cold remedies always are! Hope you feel better soon! Good luck on your work load!