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Friday, January 10, 2014

Five Sentence Fiction Friday - Moon

Welcome to Friday and this week's edition of Five Sentence Fiction. This week's prompt is moon. If you'd like to learn more about Five Sentence Fiction, or give it a try yourself, just visit Lillie McFerrin Writes. Enjoy!

"I see the moon and the moon sees me," she sang softly, lifting the curtain to look out the window.
Outside, way up in the sky, she really could see the moon, yellow and round, it's surface pockmarked in just such a way to make it look like a large smiling face staring down at her. She wished it could. They would be friends, the moon and her. They would go on adventures together and she would leave it all behind and never come back. 

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  1. Such a cute tale Melanie. And a lovely reminder of childhood, looking up at that smiley face (I still do!). xx