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Monday, September 3, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction, Better Late Than Never

First of all, my sister's wedding on Friday was amazing! So, thank you all for understanding my absence. It was my twin sister walking down the aisle, so needless to say, I got choked up more than once. She looked radiant and enchanting, the ceremony was lovely and everyone had a wonderful time at the reception. Over all, the day could not possibly have been any better. Now, I realize I should have posted this earlier, Monday is almost over already, but what can I say? It was the long weekend and I've been putting in some much needed and well earned R & R. But I haven't forgotten you, and without further ado, here is last week's edition of Five Sentence Fiction. The prompt was Faces. If you'd like to learn more, just visit Lillie McFerrin Writes. Enjoy!

They were all around her, hundreds of them. She felt as though she were drowning in the sea of faces, their hostile smirks and grimaces of embarrassment strangling the air from her body. Coughing and sputtering, she turned and fled for the exit, nearly tripping on the stairs as her papers showered down around her. It was only when the door was closed behind her that she began to breathe great shaking gulps of air again. She'd never get used to public speaking.

This may or may not have been inspired by my toast at the wedding. Just kidding. I did fine. Although I did cry. A lot. In any case, I hope you enjoyed it, and if you're hankering for more, I hope you'll check out the links below to read some of my previous editions of Five Sentence Fiction. If you'd really like to make my day, you could follow this blog, or come find me on twitter @MelanieKCole.

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  1. Love the pace of this story. You could feel her panic building and then the reveal at the end -- perfection. Something many of us can relate to. Excellent, Melanie.

  2. Conjuring up images of a panic attack there... you got a real claustrophobic feel with this piece Melanie, and that insecurity we feel that what we're saying isn't important or good enough!

  3. This certainly struck a chord with me. You caught the rising sense of panic neatly. Good one.