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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Leave the Cubicle Folk Alone

This morning I was driving to work, listening to the radio as I always do, when they started talking about workplace privacy. Specifically, they were discussing how employers are keeping track of what their employees are doing on the internet. Now, aside from the creepiness factor of having your boss read your emails, I have another bone to pick. Why is it so bad for employees to be on the internet?

Now, before I even start, I want to specify that if someone's internet usage is getting in the way of their work, that's a problem. But for everyone else, who are simply breaking up the monotony of their day, what's the problem? I work in an office, and I have great bosses. They don't mind that I have twitter open while I work, just so long as the work takes priority and it's done well and on time. In fact, using the internet has actually helped me do a better job. I know that sounds crazy, but most of my work deals with Invoices, and if I spent the full eight hours staring at numbers with no break or distraction, I can guarantee that the quality of my work would slide. How do you keep all those numbers from running together without a break?

Life in an office is a pretty dull. I don't see any harm in letting workers find a little entertainment here and there, so long as they're still getting their work done. I realize they're on company time, but I think it does more harm than good to police your employees. Leave the cubicle folk alone, I say!

What's your opinion? Am I out to lunch? Do I expect too much because my own bosses are so wonderful?


  1. I agree with you! The systems I use at my job have given me migraines and eye strain but when I take a break every now and then to read an article or look at some pictures I avoid these problems and I find I'm more alert and work harder.

  2. I don't think any reasonable employer has a problem with a stellar employee taking a quick internet break, providing they are meeting or exceeding expectations. I think unfortunately we are engrossed in a society that seeks to do not one iota more or slightly better than what is expected of them. Employers are forced to bear down and make life unbearable in the name of productivity because a lot of employees wouldn't feel guilty claiming overtime to complete an assigned task when they had wasted equal time on their own pleasure. It would be great if employers didn't have to brush all employees with the same brush as the employee with the least morals.

  3. I agree, when I worked in an office it really helped me to break up my day so I didn't go crazy. and the thought of my boss policing me made me want to take my skills elsewhere and work in a way that's better for me. Anyway I'm glad I'm not working in an office anymore!

  4. I love the discussion this started! Thanks everyone for weighing in!