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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Dress

Today was an awesome day! Not only did I get up early (which never happens), I also went wedding dress shopping with my sister. And we found the dress!! I'm so excited, there's nothing more wonderful than being witness to a friend, sister or daughter finding their perfect wedding dress. I got to tell you, I'm getting so excited for her big day.

When I got married (four years ago this summer), I found myself wishing I'd done it all differently. I'd opted for the medium size wedding with the church and the big reception, and I have to admit, when it was all said and done, I wished I'd just taken the money and eloped.

I got married in the Catholic church and it was the worst experience. I'm not religious, I was mostly doing it for my parents, and they were so rigid and unwelcoming and down right horrible (the priest yelled at me until I cried the night before). I've warned everyone I've ever met since that day to avoid the Catholic church like the plague. Nothing was allowed to be done our way, they even threatened that we might not be allowed to get married there because we aren't planning on having children. Sorry, but that's none of your business.

And the whole day was rather tedious and boring. The reception was filled with people I barely knew and had to make time for, people who were friends of my husband's mother and my parents, distant relatives. I didn't get to spend much time with my husband or any of the people who mattered to me. The only things I wouldn't change about that day, are the dress and the pictures (both of which were magnificent) and immediately leaving for the honeymoon after the gift opening the next day. (Take my advice ladies, don't splurge on the wedding. Go to the court house and spend the rest on the honeymoon. WAY BETTER).

But this time, with my sister's wedding, I'm hopeful that it will be exactly what she wanted. She's keeping it small (immediate family only) and intimate. It's simple, tasteful and not over the top with all the stupid decorations and flowers. Instead, a natural setting, no stuffy church administrators, no reception hall full of strangers. And I can honestly say, she will be beautiful. (I saw the dress so I should know). I can't wait to share her special day. After all, there's nothing better than a wedding that isn't yours!

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