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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Way We Feel About Our Pets

A woman at work came into the office today, face streaked with tears, to ask for an advance. Her dog was sick and she had no way to pay the vet bills.

"Stupid men," she stuttered, "they all just keep telling me to put him down! But I can't do that. I love him."

"Men just don't get it," I nodded in agreement, looking over the quote the vet had printed off for her. I knew exactly how she felt. It was only a couple of years ago that I was faced with the same situation; one very sick puppy and some frighteningly high vet bills. I didn't have the money back then either, and my husband and I had paid for the bills with credit cards, an amount we're still paying off today. But I can honestly say I'd do it again in a second.

We don't realize just how much our pets mean to us until it comes down to that horrible moment when they're sick, and we realize we'd pay any price to make them well again. I did just that, and although the price was high, it was worth it. Today, my Great Dane, Maddie, flourishes. And the adventures she's given me have mad me laugh, scream in frustration, and cry with joy. I wouldn't trade a single moment with her, not even the ones where I've found myself lying on top of her kicking, squirming, biting form while she was in the midst of a full-scale toddler-style tantrum. And she's thrown plenty of those. I've never met a dog so sensitive and loving, mischievious and naughty. I remember the time I found an entire avocado hidden in her mouth, the time I came into the kitchen and found her standing on the dining room table with her head stuck in a box of cereal, and the time I discovered her decimating a pineapple all over the couch. If I hadn't saved her life I wouldn't have as much debt, and I'd probably have nicer furniture, but it wouldn't be worth it. Despite it all, she is my pet. She is my family. And I just don't get people who feel differently about their animals.

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  1. Aw! I loved this post!! I know exactly what you mean!! My dog means sooooo much to me!!! He absolutely is family and is definitely considered my little fur baby! The funny thing is no matter what you pay monetarily you get so much more back!!
    Also your puppy is super cute!!!!

  2. So amazingly true (as my cat twitches in her sleep beside me)! Last summer I lost a three-month-old kitten to a fatal genetic condition. We didn't know about the problem when we adopted him, but we would have done it again in an instant just to spend that happy month with him. They truly are our furry family members.

    I'm so glad that Maddie got better!