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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pinterest For Writers

We all know how great Pinterest can be for collecting recipes, DIY projects and various adorable and funny pictures. But what can it do for writers? Actually, quite a bit.

Self Promotion
A lot of writers out there use Pinterest to promote their blogs, books, articles etc. Just make sure that the pictures you pin all link back to where you want them to. It also helps to choose pictures that make viewers want to click through to your blog or article. If you've blogged about renovating your basement, don't just have a picture of your finished basement. Have a banner or title on the picture that says "How to Renovate Your Basement". Give people a reason to follow the link.

Story Mapping
Believe it or not, Pinterest can be a very handy tool when it comes to mapping out your story. I know plenty of writers who have specific boards dedicated to characters and settings. When they find a picture or diagram that fits, they pin it. It helps them visualize exactly what their character likes, looks like, does, or what that setting looks likes, feels like, reminds them of. It can be a very fun tool.

This is what I mostly use Pinterest for. Sure, I have a recipe board and a cute animal picture board, but what I really love is my Pictures I Love board. It's my inspiration board. Whenever I'm feeling dull or uninspired, I scroll through and pick a picture that intrigues me to tell a story about. It gets my creative motor running, so to speak. Someone once told me to always keep my creative well full, by taking nature walks, visiting museums, etc. This is how I do it. There are so many amazing and inspiring images out there, and when I can't visit a museum or take a walk, they're right there where I need them.

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  1. Hi Melanie! Love this article, & the pictures on Pinterest are gorgeous! I must start doing something with my Pinterest account, and you've given me lots of ideas!