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Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Book Review - Doll Bones

Welcome to Monday and this week's book recommendation!

DOLL BONES by Holly Black


This is the story of three friends, the blissfully imaginative games they play and a possibly haunted doll that leads them on a thrilling adventure. Are you interested yet? I know the second I read 'haunted doll' I was in. What's more creepy than one of those porcelain dolls? Doesn't it always feel like they're watching you? Like maybe at night they come alive and begin to move...

I loved this book. Yes, I do believe it's meant for middle grade or young adults, but please don't let that stop you. It's a fantastic tale, well told and deliciously creepy. I loved the characters, especially the main character Zach, who's becoming an adult while still trying to hold on to the imagination of his childhood. The writing is great, with the perfection combination of imagination and creepiness. She's a fantastic author, and I can't wait to read her newest book, THE COLDEST GIRL IN COLDTOWN, which also sounds amazing.

Definitely give this book a try. It's a short read, imaginative and captivating. Holly Black has picked the perfect subject matter to keep every reader's attention. I've never met anyone who didn't feel a little creeped out by those old porcelain dolls and she plays on that subtle fear perfectly. Enjoy!

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