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Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Sentence Fiction Friday - Edge

Welcome to Friday and this week's edition of Five Sentence Fiction. If you'd like to learn more about what it's all about, or give it a try yourself, just visit Lillie McFerrin Writes. This week's prompt is edge. Enjoy!

 "The edge. The edge of what?" 
She scrambled through her grandmother's house, pulling out drawers and slamming cabinet doors, struggling to remember what her grandmother had told her, but none of it had made any sense. 
If she hadn't been so distracted, she probably would have seen the edge before she fell over it, but that wasn't what her grandmother intended. 
She knew the only way to get her granddaughter across the barrier was to have her trip right over it, and then the rest would be up to her. 

Yes, this one is a little cryptic, but I do like to leave the endings up to your imagination. Where did her grandmother send her? Into the future? The past? Another universe? That's for you to decide, as is the reason she sent her there. I think it's more fun that way (although you're welcome to disagree), and I hope you'll leave your own thoughts and theories below in the comments section. If you'd like to read more of my Five Sentence Fiction, just follow the links below. If you've enjoyed this piece and would like to follow this blog or be notified by email of new blog posts, just sign up using the tab on the right hand side. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Well, her Grandmother's house is in this other dimension/time, otherwise the granddaughter wouldn't be scrambling through it. And what is she so frantic for? Did her Grandmother tell her to go to the house to find something? Or is she supposed to get her grandmother over to this time/space? Or is she supposed to find something that will bring her back? And what distracted her to fall over the edge, in the first place?

    This brief story raises so many questions, maybe too many for me that I can't seem to form a next a probable next step - there are too many possibilities. If I knew why the granddaughter was scrambling around in her granddaughter's house, it would be more helpful. Unfortunately, this is not a longer story, so I can't wait for any more clues unless I make them up myself.

    If this 5 sentence fiction was meant as a way to write a story, then the 5 sentences would be doing their job. But because there are too many questions left opened, the sentences don't seem like a story. Just my ideas.


    1. Interesting perspective! Thank you for being honest. I will admit that I hated this week's prompt. I had too many ideas, none of which seemed to be forming a clear picture. I agree that this is really more the beginning/middle of a story than something that could stand on its own.

    2. Melanie -
      You know I enjoy your stories as a whole. This one just wasn't my favorite. I hope I didn't come across as if my response should be the definitive one to your story. As you can see, other people liked it. :-)

    3. Not at all! I appreciate your input! :)

  2. I loved it!!! I love the possibilities it raises!! It pulled me right in and leaves me wanting more!! A fabulous story!

  3. I found this quite interesting, especially since there's no mention of the mother, a mother who would have normally shown the granddaughter the way, the way to make the BIG STEP from being a girl to that of being a WOMAN.

  4. Cryptic is good. Sometimes the obvious is unseeable until we trip over it... Interesting take on the prompt. I enjoyed it.