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Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Book Review - Think of a Number

This week's book recommendation really lines up well with Mondays. What day of the week do you feel more homicidal than Monday? It's the perfect day to start a really good murder mystery, and not to worry because I have just the thing.

THINK OF A NUMBER by John Verdon

Can you ever really retire from being a homicide detective? It doesn't look that way for Dave Gurney, who's have a hard time adjusting to life without murder. Which might explain why, despite his reluctance and his wife's dismay, he can't turn away an old acquaintance from college that's requested a meeting. It seems he's getting threatening letters, from someone he doesn't know but seems to know him a little too well. Well enough to read his mind...

Are you intrigued yet? Pick it up and you will be within a few pages. The mystery is just too irresistible, the clues like puzzle pieces waiting to be put together. Not only is it well written, but it's well thought out. The mystery is elaborate and elegantly simple at the same time. Believe me, there's no guessing this ending but you'll have a wonderful time trying to figure it out. 

I think my favourite thing about this book (aside from the perfectly thought out mystery) was the main character. I found him especially sympathetic and his relationship with his wife provided a fascinating dynamic to the story. This book has layers upon layers of puzzles, complexities and secrets, all propelling the story forward, keeping your eyes glued to the page. It's one of those books that make you go into work the next day looking like death because you had to stay up all night reading it. A truly wonderful read. 

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  1. That sounds awesome!!! I never thought of myself as a mystery fan but the more I read them the more I realize how much I love them!!!