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Friday, July 26, 2013

Five Sentence Fiction Friday - Limitless

Welcome to Friday and this week's edition of Five Sentence Fiction! This week's prompt is limitlesss. If you'd like to learn more about Five Sentence Fiction, or give it a try yourself, just visit Lillie McFerrin Writes. Enjoy!

Every time you think it's over, it just begins again. 
At first, it was a relief, the idea of eternity. But heaven or hell, it just goes on forever until finally, you realize they're one and the same. But there's no escape. It's what you signed up for, and now you have a very long time to contemplate your decision.

Okay, this one may have been a little dark, but it's the image that popped into my head at the word limitless. And you can't fight an idea that won't let go. So, I hoped you enjoyed it. If you'd like to read more Five Sentence Fiction, just follow the links below to read past editions. Don't forget to follow this blog and come find me on twitter, @MelanieKCole.

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  1. Very nice! I didn't find it too dark I like the way it was put heaven or hell its all the same. It makes me think you might be able to make it heaven or hell depending on your viewpoint!

  2. This is one of those deep stories that has you thinking after you've finished reading.

    I think it's just dark enough to be interesting.

  3. No doubt!

    Eternity is a long word, and finally, short of a radical change of our tenets, we are bound to find it bland!

    No darkness in here, but emptiness!!

    Real good point for a night discussion around a fire in an encampment!

    Thank you!

    Od Liam

  4. I thought it was very real, and could relate. Well done.

  5. I liked this one. Eternal life has always seemed kind of dark to me.

  6. Aw! Thanks all! Your comments really made my day!