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Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Book Review - Cinnamon Toast and the End of the World

Welcome to Monday and this week's book recommendation!



I picked this book up because of the title. I mean, come on! That's a great title. Who could resist a book that combined breakfast food and the apocalypse in just the title? I didn't even read the back, just picked it up and started reading. And it. Was. Fabulous. I read it within the span of two days, just couldn't put it down. It was exactly the kind of book I love. The kind you're willing to cancel plans for. So, what's it about? Not the apocalypse, at least in the traditional sense. It's about a boy named Stephen and the fateful day he realized he was in love with his best friend. A boy. It's a coming of age story in a tiny Nova Scotia town with a unique cast of characters, both past and present, that decorate Stephen's life. 

What did I love about this book? EVERYTHING. No, really. I did. The main character is so real and complicated, you feel for him with every ounce of your once high school angst ridden self. It's also kind of funny and strange and nerve wracking, as you root for him, longing with every page to see it all work out fine in the end. And does it? Well, I'm not one to spoil the ending. Just pick it up.

You can tell how well written it is by how real it is. I forgot all the time that it was written by a woman, I had just assumed it was largely autobiographical because the character's voice felt so real. The setting felt real. All the characters felt real. The writing is just... I loved it. What a lovely book. You simply must pick it up. It's too good to leave this one unread. Add it to your list, read it and then come back here and tell me your thoughts. Although I think we're going to be of the same opinion.


  1. I just found this article on a google trawl looking for news of my book and...wow. Thank you so much! Can I link to this post on my website?

  2. That's so cool!!!! I was already going to read this book but I'm moving it way up the list now!!!